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About the Designer

I have to thank my grandmother for all my jewelry/craft talents. She was an exceptional woman with exceptional talent in design and I hope a little has rubbed off on me. My grandmother spent her retirement years traveling to Gem and Mineral shows around the country to teach and sell her designs. She wrote and published three books on jewelry making. I’m told her books are still used today as touchstones for many designers.

I started my own craft journey in 2002, teaching myself decorative painting. I began doing Southern California shows and was pleasantly surprised to find that people liked and purchased my work. Over the years, I earned a loyal following of fans. However, six years later, it became harder to paint with the fine detail required as my "Tremors" (an inherited shaking disorder) began to get worse. I didn't want to give up my love of designing, so I decided to try following my grandmother’s path.

It is often said that when a door closes, a window opens. My window was thrown wide when I started designing my own handcrafted artisan jewelry. Again, I was surprised people loved and purchased my work, telling me I had the "eye". My Grandmother would have been so proud.

You can find my work on consignment in local boutiques, and at area shows. Also at Creations with Heart on Etsy (mycreationswithheart), Facebook and Instagram.

Enjoy! Linda